DIY: Egg, Lemon & Honey Face Mask


Skin health is an utmost importance for women, and men, especially by the time you make the turn into your 20’s.  To help maintain a healthy glow, blemish free complexion, and hyrated skin, I have begun to incorporate a weekly face mask into my weekend routine.  After trial and error with products ranging from oats to yogurt, I have found that a simple DIY mask, composed of Egg, Lemon and Honey, does the trick!

Items which you will need for this face mask are: a washcloth, an egg, half of a lemon , a drop of honey and a foam (or makeup) brush.

Step 1:


Place a hot washcloth on your face, to open your pores.  My favorite way to do this, which happens to be very simple, is to wet a washcloth and place it in the microwave for 30-45 seconds.  Place it over your face until the cloth becomes cold to touch.

Caution: The cloth will be very hot.

Step 2:


Crack one egg into a bowl.  I prefer to use organic or farm fresh eggs for this DIY mask because of the antibiotics that may be in conventional store bought eggs.  If you do not have an organic or farm fresh egg available, a regular egg will do.  For this mixture, I use the whole egg, as opposed to only the egg white, because the yolk contains moisturizing properties that help to hydrate your skin; while the egg white contains natural collagen, vitamin A, and so much more, making both the egg yolk and white perfect for this mask!

Step 3:


Squeeze the juice from half a lemon, into the same bowl as the egg.  Along with the lemon juice, add in a drop of honey.  I prefer to use raw honey as opposed to processed honey.  Raw honey contains antibacterial properties, whereas processed honey does not, because of the heat treatment it goes through.  Fortunately, both raw and processed honey contain hydrating properties, so if you do not have raw honey available, there will still be a benefit from using the processed form.  As for the lemon juice in this mask, it is used because it helps to naturally exfoliate your skin, heal blemishes and fade scars and dark spots, along with providing a subtle citrus fragrance to your mask!

Step 4:


Once the egg, lemon juice and honey are combined, place the bowl into the microwave for 10-15 seconds.  This will allow the honey to soften, and make the whisking process easier.  After the honey is softened, begin to whisk the mixture.  Whisk until the liquid begins to foam up and forms a fluffy texture.  Once you are done whisking, use your brush to evenly place the mixture onto your face, neck and chest.  As shown in the picture above, I used a standard foam paint brush because I like how it brushes on the mixture, but a makeup brush will work just as well.   Leave the mixture on for 15-30 minutes.  Make sure to rinse this mask off thoroughly.  I usually try to use this mask right before I take a shower.

So, light some candles, make some tea, turn on some music and relax while you let this mask polish your skin.



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